Saturday, January 27, 2018


 excitement over an mp3 player

Ada's AG doll (that came to her used a few years ago) was falling apart. So I decided her gift would be that we would fix Kirsten all up. I put it off for a long time because it seemed like an impossible task. Then Kevin stepped in and it turns out fixing AG dolls is a hidden talent of his. Too bad his gifting didn't extend to her hair, which is a little hopeless, but braids helped. Ada was happy to see her again all in one piece. 

 Ada got Granny's old typewriter. The kids were in awe of it, which seems funny given all the technology they have access to. But words that appear on paper when you hit the key was just fascinating.

 Mickey is a favorite with Kevin and Joe

Sadly, Carolyn was really ill. We didn't know how sick she was because she never complains and has a high pain tolerance, but as the day wore on it became apparent she needed extra care. She ended up in the ER and in the hospital overnight. We were so sad to have her missing! 
She came home the next day and we were so glad she was doing much better with nothing serious wrong with her.

We ended 2017 back in Indiana with my family minus Emily and her crew who were in Thailand. We welcomed the New Year with great food, a game tournament, and skating on a frozen pond.

Pre-Christmas events

The annual Louisville basketball game. 
This was Oliver's first time and he was SO excited!

Ada and Nana did their annual Nutcracker show. 

We drove to see the lights of the famous house in Lexington. I can't imagine their electric bill.

Cambel was student of the month for his 6th grade team. I remembered that I was supposed to show up to the awards ceremony approximately 17 minutes before it started. We live several minutes away from the school. And I was in my pajamas. That I arrived clean and clothed and on time was my own little Christmas miracle. 

Piana Recital

Ada gets a *little* more excited about these recitals than Cambel, but they both played well. 

 Cambel dressed up and then never took off his coat. Because he is a 6th grade boy:)

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving looked a lot like Christmas this year. We all met in Indiana and celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together. 
There was much to be thankful for...
cousin time, great food, laughter, sweet times of sharing the ways God has worked in our lives, gifts, movies, and games. 

Other things we keep busy doing...

We jumped right from cross country to basketball season. Cambel made the middle school team and has played on the 6th and 7th grade teams. 
 Nana and Papa made it to several home games before they left for Georgia. 

Ada had a recorder concert at school. Just a couple of short hours away from the concert she casually mentioned she needed to jot down the notes for the songs. It wasn't until right before the concert that I realized she was supposed to memorize the songs but hadn't quite gotten the job done. She frantically wrote all the notes to all the songs in microscopic letters on small pieces of paper that she taped to her sleeve and stored in her shirt pocket. It is one of the funniest, most creative, and most endearing things she has done. 
 Who needs to memorize when the notes are just an arm's length away?

more basketball games...

We finally took Oliver to a "real" barber shop to get his haircut.